The Group focuses on corporate governance with the Directors and management team playing a key role in developing a model of governance to enhance the long term shareholders' value, emphasizing on honesty, trust and integrity, accountability and openness.

The Board is currently composed of two Executive Directors and three Independent Non-executive Directors. Regular meetings of the Board are conducted and all Directors are notified in advance with full information given, in line with the relevant requirements as set out in Appendix 14 "Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report" of the Listing Rules. For dealing in shares, the relevant provisions in Securities and Futures Ordinance on disclosure of interest (Parts XV) are duly complied with, and the Listing Rules Appendix 10 "Model Code for Securities Transactions by Directors of Listed Issuers" are duly adopted.

Download Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director

Download Board Diversity Policy

AUDIT Committee
Ms. Cheung Siu Wan ( Chairperson )
Dr. Chan Yee Kwong
Mr. Deng Heng

Download Terms of Reference for Audit Committee

Remuneration Committee
Dr. Chan Yee Kwong ( Chairperson )
Mr. Wang Jian Sheng
Mr. Deng Heng

Download Terms of Reference for Remuneration Committee

Nomination Committee
Mr. Wang Jian Sheng ( Chairperson )
Ms. Cheung Siu Wan
Mr. Deng Heng

Download Terms of Reference for Nomination Committee

To maintain good corporate governance , the Group established a Whistleblowing Policy.

In the Whistleblowing Policy, procedures are established for reporting suspected irregularity, misconduct or malpractice. Whistleblowers making genuine and appropriate complaints shall be assured of protection.

Download Whistleblowing Policy and Whistleblowing Report Form

Download Memorandum and Articles of Association

Download Dividend Policy

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