Strong Petrochemical Holdings Limited is an oil products trading company specializing in trading a range of oil products including crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals. Our Hong Kong operating subsidiary, Strong Petrochemical (HK), commenced operations in 2000. The oil products in which the Group trades can be broadly categorized into 1) crude oil; 2) petroleum products; and 3) petrochemicals.

The Group is positioned to compete in its niche of satisfying unfulfilled and unplanned purchase demands from the PRC State-owned Licensed Import Agents, by supplying oil products of different varieties and specifications within a short time frame.

In order to capture business opportunities in the PRC arising from increasing demand for imported oil products, the Group started to develop the PRC storage business in 2007, through its investment in the Nantong Project and the Tianjin Project.

In 2014, the Group started investing in crude oil and oil products related derivative products and securities. This helps the Group develop a more diversified business.

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