The core businesses of the Group are the trading of crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals and the manufacture of petrochemicals.

In 2000, Strong Petrochemical (HK), now a subsidiary of the Group, started in the business of trading of crude oil. Over the next eight years, the business expanded into the trading of petroleum products and petrochemicals. In 2004, Strong Petrochemical (Macao), also a subsidiary of the Group was established to address the substantial growth of this business. In 2007, the Group started its Nantong Project and Tianjin Project, a new business providing petrochemical storage services in the PRC. In 2012, the Group invested in Hainan Project, which enable the Group to develop its business in the area of manufacture of petrochemicals. The Hainan subsidiary started its trial operation in 2014. In 2013, Strong Petroleum (Singapore), a subsidiary of the Group, started its trade in crude oil and petroleum products, and the Group's joint venture company acquired an oil tanker which is used as a floating storage facility for self storage of oil products. In 2014, the Group started the business of investing in crude oil and oil products related derivative products and securities.

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